Garage Heaters

Garage Heaters SaskatoonWhen fall and winter roll around we all think about how nice it would be to have a garage heater if we don’t already have one! Things cool off quick in Saskatoon and it is much nicer to change a fan belt in a warm garage than a freezing cold garage.

Our professional team of plumbers can come to your house, spec things out and get you up and running with a new garage heater in no time. Before you know it you’ll have a warm car in the morning and you will be able to use your garage to store paint and other things you don’t want to freeze!

Happy customers all over Saskatoon have cozy garages thanks to the JOB team and our line of Lennox garage heaters. Below is a table that gives you a quick idea of what size of furnace you might need for your garage.

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Your comfort is our concern!

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